About Dr. Pete Bonadonna

Dr. Pete Bonadonna, D.P.T.
Dr. Pete Bonadonna, D.P.T.

Peter Bonadonna, PT, DPT, STMT-1 is the Director of Physical Therapy at Northeast Spine and Wellness Center. He received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the CUNY Graduate Center of New York in 2011.

Dr. Bonadonna has extensive training in the field of orthopedic injuries with a focus on biomechanics of the lumbar spine and sacro-iliac joint. With an emphasis on soft tissue and joint mobilizations as well as corrective exercises, Dr. Bonadonna aims to have patients feeling relief within the first visit. Recently he received his certification in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, RockTaping, and Cupping Therapy.

In addition to treating patients, he has been in the field of neurodiagnostic testing since 2005. Dr. Bonadonna is certified in neuronal conduction studies as well as electromyographies. He has worked with various other specialties including orthopedic surgeons, physicians, pain management doctors, and neurologists to accurately diagnose patients in the states of NY, NJ, and PA. In addition to performing NCV’s and EMG’s he also is an adjunct instructor in the field.

Dr. Bonadonna plans to continue his studies in the field of outpatient orthopedic injuries with continued focus on manual therapy treatments to ensure the best possible care for his patients.