Are you suffering from Quarantine-19 Lbs?
Discover 6 Weeks to a Better Beach-Body

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During your initial telemedicine consultation we will discuss your summertime goals and evaluate if you are a candidate for our medical and holistic program. We have combined professional services for fast – proven results using conservative chiropractic care, nutrition and advanced medical procedures to get you Beach-body ready in six weeks.

At that time, we will select which services you would benefit from: Motivational Counseling, Comprehensive Nutritional/ Dietary Overhaul Program, Customized Smart Fit Home Exercise Program, Supplementation, Risks verse Benefits of Medical Weight Loss Management, Advanced Physical Medicine Therapies, Weekly Myofacial Therapy and Chiropractic Adjustments, Two Sessions of Warm Sculpting and/or Surgical Liposuction.

The telemedicine consult will be brief, identify your needs and will qualify you to proceed with a comprehensive course of preferential care at Linwood Priority Chiropractic and Wellness, Toms River Chiropractic and PT…and Cornerstone Plastic Surgery with Dr. Fred Coville. If you have been feeling fat, not ready to come out of quarantine or silently gasp when putting on your skinny-jeans, we have a silver/gold/platinum program that is able to serve your needs, yet not exceed your budget. Call today for pricing information and schedule your telemedicine consultation.

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